Can be experienced in Level 1 of Huna Training and also as a Separate Training
(2-3 hour Lecture with hands on experience of process)

Experience ancient Hawaiian forgiveness –known in modern terms as a
RELATIONSHIP RESOLUTION PROCESS that cuts or dissolves negative
Thought forms from the body…leaving only Divine Love.

Corresponds to Belinda Farrell’s internationally acclaimed CD, Chant and Forgiveness…A Huna Odyssey that guides you to accept responsibility for
All your perceptions or ties with people, places and events.  When you assume
Responsibility, you will be able to CHANGE your perceptions and CALL YOUR

How long do you want to “hold on” to the past?  Your energy is like money.  If you
Spend most of your energy (like money) thinking about your past failures, etc.,  you decrease your ability to heal yourself quickly when your body falls into “dis-ease.”

HO’OPONOPONO means (to make right 2Xs or make amends inside)
The Ho’oponopono process cleanses the thought forms that are stored in the
Unconscious, Unihipili or Child.  These thought forms have been created, accepted
And accumulated from the beginning of our Creation---from the time we separated
Ourselves from Divinity.  They are the cause of our problems—within our relationships,
Families, health, environment and society.  Each of us is responsible for our problems.
The causes are within.  Often they are UNCONSCIOUS.  Only by “dissolving” the cause
Through our Higher Self can changes be made.  The answers are within.  Divinity is within.

THE PURPOSE of HO’OPONOPONO is to bring peace and balance in a simple and effective way by cleansing spiritually, mentally and physically through a process of
Transmutation through the person’s Higher Self.  It is meant to be used DAILY.
HO”OPONOPONO creates peace, balance, wisdom, love and freedom within the
Individual, family, community, nation, world and Universe.

This is the gift MORRAH NALAMAKU SIMEONA has given the world---the Key to
Our own inner peace and freedom---coming home to the Source, the Divine Creator.

Belinda's CD, sleepy time chant.

Sleepy Time Chant, Moe Uhane
Ancient Hawaiian dream chant is available to help You quiet your mind and get the sleep you need.
Now available in MP3 format


Ho’oponopono forgiveness process Guides you to cut cords and dissolve negative thought forms from the past.  Meant to be practiced daily.
Now available in MP3 format

Swimming with the Dolphins DVD

A DVD featuring our seminar swims with the wild Spinner dolphins with Sleepy Time Chant as the Soundtrack.  Enchanting, entertaining, mesmerizing.

Enchantment CD

Ancient Hawaiian Chants to the Higher Self featuring sounds of dolphins and whales, with 8 page booklet on the chants. Can be played anywhere to reduce stress.
Now available in MP3 format